5 Advantages Email Marketing Has Over Traditional Advertising

5 Advantages Email Marketing

5 Advantages Email Marketing Has Over Traditional Advertising

As the advertising world shifts to streaming service ads and social media integration, most people assume email marketing is on the way out. This could not be further from the truth. Email is still an inseparable necessity of most people’s lives, and it provides advertising advantages no other forms of the art can match. Let’s count them down!

1. Email is Cost Effective

I’m going to start with a detail that will more or less effect the rest of the list, email is dirt cheap. Everything written in an email can usually be constructed in house. Millions of people already subscribe to an email service, all you need is your address and you can engage them for free. And it’s proven to work. Email usually brings in $40 for every $1 spent.

2. Email is Specifically Targeted

When you create an ad for tv or print, the best you can do is guess who will see it. You can roughly estimate the demographic of consumers for the medium, but you can’t know for sure. With email, you can. Email marketing can be any length, and sent to a specific market. For instance, using costumer databases, you can send an email that only people in Omaha receive, or one exclusively to customers who have bought bags from your store before.

3. Email Consistency Increases Brand Awareness

The billboard has turned into an entire industry where you pay to keep your brand relevant. From printing the company logo on a shirt, to sponsoring web content, companies are desperate to put their brand in front of a costumer. With email, it’s as easy as a few clicks. Plus, as long as you don’t annoy your subscribers with an unwieldy amount of emails in their inbox, you can keep your brand recognition at a high by maintaining a steady output.

4. Email Marketing is Measurable

Companies spend an exorbitant amount of money collecting data from consumers. With email, it’s built in. Email analytics are simple to use, and often automatic. When you send an email with a link, you can see how many people were interested enough to click. From there you can track how many people were interested enough to buy. You can see the traction it causes from people forwarding it to their friends. The response is instant. As an added bonus, everything is paperless. By selecting email as your primary customer communication, you are helping the environment!

5. Email is Easy

Let’s be real, the biggest selling point of email is how easy and intuitive it is. With email, you will see an incredible reduction in time and effort, which will allow you to focus on other matters. Email advertising is intuitive to most people because they are familiar with it from the other end. They know what sold them based on their own email history. Of all the advertising mediums, email is not only the simplest, but the quickest. And just because it’s easy, doesn’t mean it can’t be artfully done! A well spoken email can completely change a consumers day.

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