Find Out Why – SSL Certificates Explained

SSL Certificates Explained


        Find out why successful companies are using SSL certificates explained



Client assurance is an important factor for virtually any site on the internet. And to increase customer assurance and building trust, a website has to be protected which means that your customers’ confidential information should be treated as confidential. SSL Certificate is an essential tool you have for protecting your customers’ sensitive info, making your customers believe that your site is trustworthy and that helps in making your business legitimate. In this article, you will discover how SSL certificates can make your website secure.


SSL certificate, what it is?

The SSL (Secure Socket layers) certificate is a process of data encryption on the net. SSL certificate safeguards confidential info on your website by setting up a good connection between the web browser, web server as well as web based apps. In fact, SSL certificates permit details, including info exchange, login credentials, social security information and banking details to be transmitted securely.


How does it work?

  •  Initially, web browser links to the hosting server.
  •  The browser then asks the host to show its SSL validity.
  •  Now, the server shows SSL certificate as per browser requirement.
  •  Now comes validating SSL certificate.
  • Browser validates and authenticates the certificate.
  •  After validating SSL certificate, the browser sends the confirmation.
  •  If it is not a valid certificate then browser sends a warning.


Why is an SSL certificate required?

Leading SSL certificates provide you the required security, high-level data encryption, 24/7 help as well as warranties. But most crucial of all is that SSL certificate can help you create a secure e-business environment where revenue will grow exponentially. The very best SSL certificates are made using a 2048 bit signature and are recognized by more than 99% of browsers. It will help you maximize your online earnings.


Most top SSL certificates have another safeguarding feature known as “Point-to-Validate Web site seal Technology.” This validates the actions to keep consumer transactions secure.


Top Benefits of using SSL certificate


Authenticating Server

SSL certificates will keep your customers and the website guarded. To function properly, your website will make use of web server, the place where all of your information and details about your site are maintained online and for this, you will require something that is known as an electronic certificate.



One of the main functions of using SSL security on your website is to make your conversations or interactions private. SSL certificates encrypt any info exchanged on your website, such as credit or debit cards transaction, Information about PayPal and login details in a format, which is not readable.


Building Trust

Client confidence is perhaps the primary reason why you need to use the SSL certificate for your website.


What are the different varieties of SSL certificates?


Dedicated Certificate

The dedicated certificates are actually part of your websites domain name. So in order to obtain the SSL certificate, you need to have your domain name registered for your website


Wildcard SSL certificate

If your site is using subdomains like or and you want it to be protected with your SSL certificates then you would need a wildcard SSL to ensure that all your sub domains are also secured. This wildcard SSL will allow you to protect unlimited subdomains with only the one main SSL.


Shared SSL certificate

In contrast to the dedicated certificates, where you have your personal website name along with your own special certificate, shared SSL certificates are what the name suggests i.e. shared.


Free certificates

It is possible to get totally free SSL certificate but keep in mind that these free SSL certificates will not be as safe as paid SSL certificates. Free certificates usually do not have the necessary amount of encryption or support to maintain your website protected like paid SSL certificates.



Now we can confidently say that SSL is not just a certificate but in addition, it is the solution to security issues, which has solid encryption and authorization.

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