Get Started As A Reseller Web Hosting Business


Get started as a reseller web hosting business

There are several earning opportunities via websites and blogs. You can opt for affiliate marketing, Adsense, selling ad spaces etc. One such option of making money via your website is to provide reseller hosting and start your own web hosting company. You can become a reseller of a popular hosting service, rent out a server space and then resell multiple cpanels to your clients from your website. The server management and data management becomes the responsibility of the main server provider and hence without much efforts, you can earn a good amount of money.

Basically, reseller hosting is a web hosting which is purchased by a person and he has the ability to use this allotted hard drive space and bandwidth to host websites for third party website owners. In some cases, even a separate admin panel can be provided to each of the website owners to enable them to manage their own websites effectively. The reseller purchases the hosting as a wholesale package and then sells in retail making some percentage of profit. The wholesale hosting purchased can either be a dedicated server or a shared hosting service. You must have a reseller account with a website to provide this service.

Things you must consider before you start your own web hosting company

It is important to make the right choices when it comes to starting your reseller hosting business. If you make all the right choices then you can really earn a lot from this business setup. Read on these cool tips for reseller web hosting business startup guide

Step1 – Choose a reseller web hosting startup plan –

This is the first step of the reseller web hosting business startup guide which involves choosing the best reseller plan from different hosting providers. You must ask yourself several questions before choosing one of the service providers –

Do you want to host your own websites or resell the hard disk and bandwidth?

Are you just doing this for testing or fun or is it a serious business plan?

Does the hosting provider provide good customer support at a fast response time?

Are there too many downtime complaints about this hosting service?

Will there be any sort of add-ons or benefits included in this reseller plan?

Will all the clients that you get, have their own admin panel for management?

Check about hacking and data security services as well as backup services provided by the company?




These are the basic questions to be asked before finalizing on a hosting company. If the customer service and product quality are not good and the server downtime is very common then your customers will be lost and you will face losses in turn. Sometimes some businesses may take legal action against you.  If you keep your customers happy and satisfied then with a good client base you can start your own hosting business by purchasing servers. So research properly and do not opt for cheap hosting services that do not provide quality.

Step 2 – Register your company and create your website.

Your customers should know that you are providing hosting services and for that, you must register your company in whichever area or country you are living. As this is an online business, so having your own website is a must, where the customers can get information about the pricing, plans, and your support services. Research about your customer base and provide services that they would like to get at competitive rates. On your website, it is important to include a privacy policy, terms of service and service level agreement pages.

You should choose a billing system such as WHMCS and configure it. Make sure to maintain the customer privacy, security of data and timely backups. On the website do not mention that you are a reseller because most people do not prefer to buy from resellers, so do complete debranding of the hosting service that you plan to resell. Choose a hosting company that gives you the option to use private nameservers so that your clients will not come to know who is the base provider of hosting.

Remain active on social media and create a blog section on your website or a forum to communicate with your clients. Customer support team must be strong and at least operational in the working hours of your timezone if not 24*7.

Step 3. Make use of a corporate billing system –

Make sure to have a decent billing system to make your reseller business a success. You can easily sign up and set up a corporate billing system to make the management and support easy for your customers. There are some billing systems that activate and approve your customer’s orders automatically even if you are offline. This is important else you may receive several refund requests because of delayed activation. The most popular system used by hosting services is WHMCS which has a helpdesk inbuilt in it.

Step4. Provide good technical support, if possible 24X7 –

24X7 technical support is an important feature for a hosting company. If you cannot provide 24 hours service by hiring so many staff, you can outsource to other call centers. But having 24/7 support is quite necessary for a successful hosting business. Most customers expect a response time of within 30 minutes. Also, do not make false commitments to your clients. Inform them about the exact time it would take to solve the issue.

Step 5. Make use of private nameservers – this gives a professional touch to your business and allows you to switch the hosting provider without the knowledge of your customers. After migration, you just have to change the IP address of your customers.

Step6. Set up an SSL certificate –

With an SSL certificate, you make sure that your customer data and debit or credit card information is not hacked or provided to a third party website or misused. If you do not provide this surety to your customers no one would like to buy hosting from you. Without proper SSL facilities, your website is not safe for making payments or registration.

Step7 Trust Seals –

If you are partners with any BBB accredited company like Paypal or McAfee or any antivirus then use these seals in your footer area. This will increase your customer’s trust in you.

By following this reseller web hosting business startup guide you can get to know how to start a web hosting reseller business. provides an amazing range of reseller hosting plans. You can check those and start your own web hosting company easily. Contact them for more information.

Start your reseller web hosting business!