Increase Organic Social Share Count

Increase Organic Social Share Count

Increase Organic Social Share Count

You have a great article or an amazing product, but still not getting desired Social Share Count results even after running a successful social media campaign. Well the problem is not your product but with your organic social share. Your audience are not naturally engaging and growing your social media presence, here we are listing some simple ways to increase your organic social media share count. Organic share are vital for your business and helps in creating your online reputation, as having a diversified organic social share make a great impact, and gives you an edge over your competitors.

Study shows your organic social share is more useful for business growth, as it’s a free source of promotion for your product and you can get continuous visitors for your product/website.

Engage with your audience: If you don’t have active social media pages/accounts for your business, your organic social share count will always remain low, have an active social media presence and link all your posts/product from your site to your social account.




Give them power to share: Always have social share buttons on your website, if your reader likes something, they wants to share it immediately. They are not going to come back to share your post.

Listen to your audience: Always pay attention to what your audience are looking for, and let them know when you deliver it to them, it will motivate them to share your content thus increasing your organic share count.

Engage in thread: have a single thread chat with your audience on social platform, and let them know you are really looking for their feedback, once your audience is engaged with you, they don’t mind to share your product/page.

These are some simple ways to increase your social share count, do let us know what do you think, and don’t forget to share if you enjoyed reading our posts.