Is Your Website Safe From Hackers? Website Security

Website security is a must have for all website owners.

What is Sitelock?

Sitelock is specially designed to protect your website from malware, and its

Why should Sitelock be used to protect the website?

If you have made a website and it is hacked, what will you do? You will find an option to recoverSitelock.

  • Sitelock will remove the malware from your site
  • It will protect the site from future attacks
  • It will protect you if someone is sending spam on your behalf
  • Their seal can help your business improve as the site is now more trustworthy
  • The company analyzes the website and offers Sitelock plans that are perfect for you

How does it work?

Malware scan: Sitelock

360-degree scan:

Database protection: Many websites have valuable data like credit card details, and they need to be protected from hackers. Sitelock prevents this type of hacking.

Application guard: If you have installed some applications on your website, they must be verified by Sitelock as the older versions of the applications are more vulnerable to attack. Sitelock detects these apps and helps you upgrade and protect them.

Sitelock is a necessary tool for each and every website not only to maintain its reputation or to prevent it from being compromised but also to run your business smoothly or achieving the purpose of the site successfully


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