Why You Need A Mobile Website Design?

mobile website design


 Mobile Website Design?


Simple Answer – The World is On Mobile
It is not a new thing to recognize that today’s world is running on mobile. The era of the phone usage has changed the life of general people significantly. Thus a healthy future aspiring website needs to be optimized for these smart devices. Below are some top reasons to support the cause.

Trending popularity of smartphones:

With the advent of life-changing apps, the trend of mobile optimization has gone primarily. Recent research by Michigan University shows that 60% of the 1st visit to any website is through mobile. It confirms that over half of the web traffic is mobile.

Google favors optimized web page:

Google has made some recent modification to its algorithms in its SERP rankings. It has made one thing confirm that to cater more organic traffic from these search engines a website needs to be mobile-friendly, failing to which there will be a huge traffic loss.

90% of referral program happens on mobile:

Social media referrals are known to be the best marketing boosters, and their application mostly flourishes through smartphones. Almost all cell phones packaged with pre installed WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media applications. These app’s give an easy way of sharing content rather than desktop versions.

Mobile serves an easy access medium:

If your service is lucrative, people may like to go through your browser in their leisure time. Now, it is very rare that they will do it with their desktop or laptop, because, a mobile serves that purpose quite easily and quickly.

The above points indicate that to have a cutting edge advantage over the peers, one must have a mobile website design, to reap more benefits out of the same investment.
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  • Martin Ho

    I think if your website is not mobile optimize at this age you are not into the business. Mobile traffic is increasing day by day and it’s the future.

  • Mila Viro

    Great article indeed. And when you want to see how optimized your web pages actually are, run the URLs in Mobilizer and see how users on each type of device are actually viewing each page.

  • Gary

    Thanks for sharing useful ideas. The benefits of mobile optimization are clear. Today, most people use mobile devices to surf web. If your web design is responsive, that is an advantage and great experience.

  • Khiara Instro

    Excellent point to learn mobile optimized website.

  • Mira Bogoev

    Fantastic article , appreciate it